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think blink faces by @tcf_thechosenfew &c….

think blink faces by @tcf_thechosenfew &c.

poster riot of graffiti street art [by artists @tcf_thechosenfew &c.] found 2017 at Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington, that features four masked faces and these decipherable alphanumerics: think blink
[ americanifesto / 場黑麥 / jpr / urbanartopia / whorphan ]

the chosen few by @septerhed @tcf_thechosenfewriot of sticker…

the chosen few by @septerhed @tcf_thechosenfew

riot of sticker graffiti street art by artists @septerhed @tcf_thechosenfew found in Los Angeles, CA, that depicts a lion or dog holding something feathery in its mouth and wearing a horned helmet, a heart among filigrees, and these words: the chosen few

a masked owl by…

a masked owl by @esoteric_tcf