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always party-ready [above] mural graffiti stre…

always party-ready [above] mural graffiti street art found 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland, that depicts a handful of narwhal as well as scores of despondent figures wearing striped party hats
[ americanifesto / 場黑麥 / jpr / urbanartopia / whorphan ]

May 2018 – Chantepie – France

May 2018 – Chantepie – France

lick 1999 sad by @licknyc &c.sticker graffiti street art…

lick 1999 sad by @licknyc &c.

sticker graffiti street art found in west Los Angeles, CA, by @licknyc and others that depicts the label of malt liquor brand Olde English ‘800’ that has been modified to read: lick nyc brand ‘1999’. another ruined sticker reads: sad

sad gift givr by @daver_638 &c.sticker graffiti street art…

sad gift givr by @daver_638 &c.

sticker graffiti street art found in San Francisco, CA, that depicts deceased rapper Easy-E, a smiling young lady, and these decipherable alphanumerics: daver lia, sad, gift givr


March 2017 – Rennes – France

March 2017 – Rennes – France