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zask!!! dante anti by @mdk8me &c.[ america…

zask!!! dante anti by @mdk8me &c.

[ americanifesto / 場黑麥 / jpr / urbanartopia / whorphan ] sticker graffiti street art [by artists @mdk8me &c.] found 2016 in Fairfax Village, Los Angeles, CA, that depicts a skull and these decipherable alphanumerics: zask; dante arisk; anti fashion; a10k

for Pete’s sake by @shie47 @mdk8me &c.riot of sticker…

for Pete’s sake by @shie47 @mdk8me &c.

riot of sticker graffiti street art by artists @shie47 @mdk8me &c. found on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, CA, that depicts a flock of birds shouting #’s!; a muscular globe wearing a trucker hat; a startled face; a red and white pill; Mr. Peanut in a top hat; and these decipherable alphanumerics: high life; shief47 serch; blind realm; v1de0; for Pete’s sake; exquisite Los Angeles