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get out while you can @tof562 @__thechosenfew_…

get out while you can @tof562 @__thechosenfew___ @goodluckbuddha @peboter @zastoj @sincanvas @ratanic_pestilencia &c. [above] poster riot of graffiti street art [featuring @tof562 @__thechosenfew___ @goodluckbuddha @ratanic_pestilencia @sincanvas  @peboter @zastoj &c.] found 21 September 2018 on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, California, that depicts a monk holding a sign, a skeletal ram’s head, a common chainsaw, a stylized version of Alice in Wonderland, a UFO picking up rats, a dancing rat wearing a gas mask, some sheet music, and these decipherable alphanumerics: get out while you can; kindness; sincanvas; tof; the chosen few
[ americanifesto / 場黑麥 / jpr / urbanartopia / whorphan ]