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in suspicion we truststicker graffiti street a…

in suspicion we trust

sticker graffiti street art found 2016 in Boston, MA, that depicts a CCTV camera, an heraldic federal crest featuring an eagle with outstretched wings, and these decipherable alphanumerics: wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you are; you are under surveillance; because you are a potential criminal, perhaps you secretly doubt the sanctity of corporate property, or the validity of laws made by the rich to govern the poor, or the soundness of capitalism itself – we can’t afford to assume you don’t. that’s why there are video cameras pointed at every cash register and police cars circling every block. left to itself, a state of disorder and inequity returns to equilibrium; our job is to perpetuate this one indefinitely. Department Of Homeland Security “in suspicion we trust”
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