2017 is almost over, and boy was it was a prod…

2017 is almost over, and boy was it was a productive year! here are some of the things Handstyler saw in 2017:
– International Hands – the first exhibition curated by Handstyler – featured the work of 22 international artists in two Australian cities and was a success.
– the Handstyler Instagram hit a huge 200k followers.
– various apparel was launched, including t-shirts designed by Rizote (@_risotope_) and Sicoer (@sicoerism), and a tote bag by Frak (@frak_one).
– the 2018 Handstyler calendar was created, with photos by SelOne (@selshot) and handstyles by Soem (@soems).
– a handful of videos on the Handstyler YouTube channel were uploaded.

there are things in the works for next year, so keep en eye out for them. thanks for the support – enjoy your holidays! here are the top 9 liked posts on the Handstyler Instagram channel this year.